Prosecco & Strawberry Bath Oil (w)

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Prosecco & Strawberry Bath Oil (w)
Prosecco & Strawberry Bath Oil (w)

Pack of 4 (£6.99 each)

A delicious smelling moisturising bath oil, made from natural products.

The base is made from Almond Oil with added Prosecco and Strawberry Scent and natural pink colouring.

The oils sooth and hydrate your skin whilst the scent fills the room with the luscious aroma of sparkling wine and strawberries, you can use it in the shower too, just pour some onto your hands, smooth onto the body and rinse off.

It comes in a 120ml plastic container with a shiny gold lid and label and packaged in our luxurious pink and gold carton, its a beautiful gift for that Prosecco loving friend or family member.

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