Gin & Tonic Scented Bath Bomb Tablets (w)

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Gin & Tonic Scented Bath Bomb Tablets (w)
Gin & Tonic Scented Bath Bomb Tablets (w)

Pack of 6 (£4.99 each)

When life deals you lemons....make a Gin & Tonic!

A pack of 3 fabulously packaged fizzing bath bomb tablets in their own gift box, it makes a fantastic gift for birthdays and Christmas.

Relax and unwind in a bath, drop one or two of these into the water and see them fizz, the bath is now scented with Lemon, Lime and Juniper....just like a Gin & Tonic.

Each tablet is individually packaged in silver foil with a label for freshness.

Tablet measures 55mm x 55mm x 20mm

Box measures 16cm x 6cm x 2.3cm

This item fits through a letter box.

Baking Soda
Citric Acid
Essential Oil scent
Mica colouring yellow.

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