Gin Fathers Day Letterbox Gift

Gin Fathers Day Letterbox Gift

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A treat filled box for Dad, including chocolate, gin, lipbalm and greeting card, it just pops through the letterbox whilst he's not in.

Perfect for Fathers Day or Dads Birthday when you cant get there, it will pop through the letterbox!

In your letterbox gift you will find a bottle of classic Gordens Gin, a delicious milk chocolate mustache lolly on a stick and one of our famous Gin & Tonic Lip Balms, loved by men and women everywhere added to that we now have a great A6 greeting Card which we can fill in for you and put in the box or leave out for you to do it?

It is almost impossible to imagine, let alone find a more quintessential pairing across any spirit category than the Gin & Tonic. So ubiquitous is the drink that even when you reduce it to three characters, G&T everyone still understands what you are talking about.

Why not have the box gift wrapped and sent directly to your recipient, just remember to tick gift receipt at checkout.

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made from:

5cl Gordons Gin

1 x best selling Gin & Tonic Lip Balm 15g

1 x Cocoloco Milk Chocolate mustache Lollipop

1 x A6 Greeting Card and Envelope


23 x 16 x 2.5cm