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Emergency Gin & Tonic Letterbox Gift

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Emergency Gin & Tonic Letterbox Gift
Emergency Gin & Tonic Letterbox Gift
Emergency Gin & Tonic Letterbox Gift

An emergency Gin Lovers Gift for that moment when your mate needs a Gin pick me up.

It is almost impossible to imagine, let alone find a more quintessential pairing across any spirit category than the Gin & Tonic. So ubiquitous is the drink that even when you reduce it to three characters, G&T everyone still understands what you are talking about.

In your gift box you will find a bottle of classic Gordens Gin, a delicious bar of 70% cocoa Gin & Tonic flavoured chocolate by Cocoa Loves and one of our classic Gin & Tonic lip balms.

Why not have the box gift wrapped and sent directly to your recipient, just remember to tick gift receipt at checkout.

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made from:

5cl Gordons Gin

1 x best selling Gin & Tonic Lip Balm 15g

1 x 80g bar of Gin & Tonic dark chocolate from Cocoloves.


13 x 17 x 2.5cm


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