About Us
Hearth and Heritage was born from a yearning to find that perfect strong scented Ecologically sound quality candle that looked good in our own house and gave us the distinctive scent of the English Countryside and memories of travels abroad. We launched the brand in July 2012 after many trials and errors experimenting on friends and family until the recipe was right and all the components worked together in harmony to produce what we think is quality Luxury Scented Candle that you will enjoy. All the candles are made in our workshop in a little village in Nottinghamshire and are hand poured using only the finest Eco Soy wax, cotton wicks, essential oils and recycled packaging. Working in the Fashion Industry as our Creative Director does, we know the importance of trends and newness so we will be launching new collections every season and specials at Christmas, of course we will keep some of the popular scents running all year too.
Single Wick Candles
Body Lotions
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Large Multi Wick Candles